Farzam Group is highly specialized in the trading of Liquid Sorbitol, Glucose, and Glycerin used in the Hygienic, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industries.

In oral hygiene formulations Sorbitol is used for its plastifying and humectants properties as well as for its resistance to fermentation by dental plaque bacteria. It is used in the cosmetic industry for its moisture retention and emulsifying properties.

Sorbitol is used as an ingredie

nt in a number of pharmaceutical preparations like syrups, elixirs, sulpha drugs, tonics, vitamins and amino acids-complex preparations, laxatives and ointment based for hepatic and diabetic diseases.
Tobacco processed with Sorbitol gives mild aromatic fames when smoked and does not develop acrolein.

In the Pharmaceutical industry Liquid Glucose is used for medical candy as well as cough syrups and medication. It is also used in fermentation t

hat produce antibiotics and fine chemicals. The Liquid Glucose Mixture for Pharmaceutical Industry is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of a variety of syrups, antacid suspensions and other mixtures.

Glycerin is widely used in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Hygienic, and Tobacco industry. It is a syrupy, sweet, colorless or yellowish liquid obtained from fats and oils and used as a solvent in Hygienic and cosmetics as it helps maintain consistency and prevents products from drying out.

More recently studies have been carried out on the conversion of Glycerin into Methanol for biofuel.